10 Best Travel Photography Tips to Capture a Destination Fully

Our little ‘ol planet is a pretty fascinating place floating around in the cosmos. With so many places to go, people to see, and experiences to live, the desire to put them all in our pockets drives us collect pictures. The challenge often is how to shoot the best pictures while being present and enjoying the moment at the same time.

But, photography is not about the camera. Photography is about telling powerful stories and capturing memories. In this blog post I will show you how you can do this with some great photography tips from the best photographers in the world while you travel around the world.

Be respectful

Travel kenia

With this in mind it will help you get to know a community with deeper meaning than merely being another picture snapping passerby. To stay mindful and sensitive while collecting images, especially when photographing people when you travel, will open new doors.

Get to know the locals

They’re not a subject nor a breathing artistic medium, they’re human beings. This isn’t still life, this is real life. Taking time to experience the culture you’ve chosen to immerse yourself in is important to actually understanding what you want to photograph.

Put the camera down, put the phone down, walk around and talk to people. Immerse in the culture for a day or two and learn some phrases in their language. Making eye contact with people, smiling, interacting and being jovial is the key, says David Lazar a world-class photographer. A smile says more than thousand words.


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