10 Cutest Dog Breeds you Should Know in All Shapes and Sizes

As dog lovers, it’s difficult to rank the cutest dog breeds. After all, what do you prioritize first? The paws? The ears? Something else? Everyone has a different opinion on the matter. Obviously, our list of the cutest dog breeds is totally subjective and far from exhaustive. However, we think these pups deserve some recognition for being seriously adorable.

Cutest Small Dog: Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkie has long been one of the most popular breeds in the United States and it’s easy to see why. With their diminutive size (around 7 pounds) and their large, brown eyes, Yorkies are just begging to be scooped up and snuggled close. Bonus: Their coats are very similar to human hair, making them prime targets for a huge variety of styling options, further enhancing their adorability potential.

Cutest Small Dog (Part 2): Norfolk Terrier

Alert, expressive faces? Check. Tiny size? Check. Highly playful? Check. Yup, that’s a combination for cuteness! The Norfolk terrier might not be as common a breed as some of the others on this list, but one look at these little guys and it’s easy to see why they’d make the cut. With a wiry coat that gives them a kind of “scruffy ragamuffin” look and those big, expressive eyes, the Norfolk terrier is as adept at warming hearts as he is at hunting rodents on the farm.

Cutest Small Dog (Part 3): Papillon

Those ears! If the giant, fringed, wing-shaped ears that give the papillon its name aren’t enough for you, spending some time around this intelligent people-pleaser will definitely push you over the edge. These beautiful, delicately built dogs (under 10 pounds) have been a favorite of royalty for centuries, even accompanying Marie Antoinette as she walked to the guillotine. Any dog that gets picked for “last thing I see before I die” HAS to be cute!


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