10 Delicious Vegan Recipes For People Who Wants To Lose Weight Naturally

Weight loss isn’t as hard as people may first think. In order for a person to lose weight, they don’t need to buy expensive diet plans. They don’t need to pay for expensive surgeries. They most certainly don’t have to pay for expensive medications. Simply changing your grocery list and adding exercise into your daily repertoire is all that is necessary to lose weight.

Taste doesn’t have to be sacrificed for weight lost. Focusing on vegan recipes, below is a list of 10 delicious meals that will lead to weight loss without breaking your bank.

1. Guacamole Dip & Veggie Snacks

We’ll begin with a snack because snacking is one of the hardest things to curb for people trying to lose weight. With a fresh, homemade bowl of guacamole and some vegetables, like carrots, celery, bell pepper, or cucumbers, you an curb your appetite while enjoying a healthy, low fat snack.

The main ingredient in guacamole is avocados, and there is a variety of secondary ingredients that can be used. Cilantro, lemon juice, tomato, and onions are just a few of the things that can be added to guacamole.

A person would be hard pressed to find a healthier snack than guacamole and dippers.

2. Avocado Hummus

Here is another dish made with avocados. This dish consists of chickpeas, avocados, cilanto, garlic, and lemon juice.

Hummus can be used as a spread or as a dip. Perfect with crackers or veggie chips, hummus is a healthy addition to any person’s diet.

3. Parsnip Fries

If giving up delicious things like fries is daunting to you, but you still want to lose weight parsnip fries are a great substitute.

Normal fries are typically deep fried in fatty oils, often containing unhealthy additives as well.

In order to make parsnip fries, simply slice your parsnips, add a little bit of grapeseed oil and oregano, sprinkle it with paprika and bake it in the oven. Onion powder, pepper, and salt can also be added accordingly to an individual’s tastes.


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