10 Easy Photography Tips To Create Stunning Bokeh, Important To Know

Bokeh refers to the blur in the background of an image, and for photographers, stunning bokeh is like gold. We want it, struggle for it, need it. Fortunately, there a few simple ways to create high-quality background bokeh. In this article, you’ll find 10 ways that will enhance your ability to produce pleasing bokeh, and therefore increase your photographic versatility and skill.

1. Open up Your Aperture

Depth of field refers to the depth of the focus plane. A smaller f/number gives you a narrow depth of field.

The opening hole of your lens that allows light through to the camera sensor, otherwise known as your aperture, controls your depth of field. When your aperture is wide, you have a narrower depth of field. In other words, the focus plane of your image is thin.

Having a narrow depth of field increase the chances of your background being blurry. Which yields a bokeh effect if there is a light source in the background.

Observe how opening up your aperture (left to right) get more bokeh effect.

Small f stop number = narrow depth of field = more bokeh

2. Increase the Distance Between Subject and Background

The more distance you can have between your subject and the background, the more bokeh effect you will get.

To get more bokeh effect, simply put more distance between your subject and the background.

This is especially helpful if you have opened up your aperture all the way but still need more bokeh effect.

The reason is simple, with a smaller depth of field, the further the background is, more out of focus it will be. Improving the quality of your bokeh.


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