10 Easy Photography Tips To Create Stunning Bokeh, Important To Know

3. Get Closer to Your Subject

As you move the camera closer to your subject, the bokeh effect will intensify.

This is because as you move close to your subject, you capture less background in your frame. Which means out of focus background highlights will be enlarged, giving you more bokeh effect.

4. Use a Longer Focal Length

All else being equal, a longer focal length will give you more apparent bokeh effect. That is why portrait and wedding photographers use longer focal length lenses such as 85mm or the 70-200mm.

The apparent increase in the quality of the bokeh is due to the zoom effect. Larger focal lengths capture a smaller background area (enlarge it). Thus giving the appearance of more bokeh effect.

5. Use a Lens with Better Bokeh Quality

Quality of your bokeh also depends on your lens design. A lens with more blades in the aperture diaphragm will give you round bokeh.

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