10 Famous Photographs That Are Actually Fake

The Web often surprises us with clever photo manipulations. Some users make fun of them; others just distrust them.

We at found several brilliant examples of photography that caused a great deal of uproar around the world while being completely fake.

Nominee without a nomination

10 Famous Photographs That Are Actually Fake

This is one of the oldest and most notorious viral photos of all time. It made a good deal of hullabaloo when it appeared on the Internet, yet it’s actually two unrelated pictures masterfully merged together. The irony is that it was National Geographic’s reputation that suffered the most from its appearance: the picture often had a caption stating it was chosen as “National Geographic Photo of the Year.”

The island castle or the castle island

10 Famous Photographs That Are Actually Fake

A short yet mesmerizing caption, The Castle Island, Ireland, doesn’t leave you a choice: you just long to drop everything and go to Dublin to see this miracle of architecture for yourself. Alas, it’s no more real than Neverland. This is good old Photoshop, but it’s so good it made millions believe it.

A fruit to die for

10 Famous Photographs That Are Actually Fake

It’s been several years now since summer began with the hype around this unusual treat. It has many names: blue, moon, Chinese, Japanese… All the sadder that it doesn’t really exist.


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