10 Most Awesome Features That Show Up in iOS 15

With Apple expected to reveal iOS 15 at WWDC 2021, now is a good time to share our wish list for the iPhone’s new operating system update. While iOS is mature, it could still do a better job with some basic features such as notifications and dual-SIM functionality.

We’re going to highlight what we’d like to see Apple do in iOS 15 to improve those under-developed features and introduce exciting new ones.

1. Customizable Default Apps for All Services

Apple made a great start (even if it was late) with an iOS 14 feature that allows you to set default third-party browsers and email apps. However, the company should take that one step further.

Plenty of people prefer to use third-party apps for Reddit, Twitter, and even Instant Messaging, and iOS 15 should support that use case.

Whenever you tap a Reddit link, you should be allowed to open it in Apollo for Reddit by default. Similarly, iOS 15 should let people open Twitter links in Tweetbot and Apple Music links in Soor, or other apps for these services.

There’s also a case to be made for being able to replace Reminders with apps such as Things, among others. We’d really like to see Apple go all-in on this.

2. Better VPN Management

While Apple lets you run VPNs pretty much as long as you want, it’s really painful to enable or disable VPNs right now. It would be great to be able to add VPN settings in the Control Center for quick access.

More than that, Apple should allow you granular access controls for VPNs. Quite a few streaming services don’t work if you’re running a VPN, and in such cases it would be great to automatically disable the VPN whenever these apps are launched.

It’s unlikely we’ll see many changes on this front, though, because very few people are heavy VPN users, but one can dream.

3. Improved Dual-SIM Support

If you travel abroad often, or if you live in a country where everybody uses two different carriers for maximum network coverage, the iPhone’s dual-SIM support is likely to frustrate you.

In contrast, Android phones are far ahead in their dual-SIM management.

iOS 15 would ideally allow you to always choose the number you’re texting or calling from. Quick access to this via the Control Center would be a step forward. Support for two instances of Signal or WhatsApp would be a colossal leap.


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