10 simple tips to master your photography skills

With Instagram, Snapchat and photo-editing apps like VSCO, photography today is more accessible than ever. You no longer need a complex SLR camera, Photoshop skills or a photo lab to take great pictures.

To no surprise, people are all aboard and eager to capture and share every moment of their lives. Point in case – more than 80 million photos are shared every day on Instagram alone. Mixing photography and social media means one more thing: we are no longer on the quest of capturing a great image, we are after likes and shares too. This is why we need to up our game.

In this article, we have compiled a short list of tips that will help you take better pictures. You may not become the next Ansel Adams, but if you follow these simple rules, you will most probably get more than a handful of Instagram hearts and Facebook thumbs-up hits.

Find your forte

You are a wizard of capturing the perfect sunset or a wonderful moment in nature but you’re not particularly great at shooting people? Or perhaps you are the portrait whisperer but your landscapes are your strongest photo projects? Find the one genre you prefer to shoot (and you’re good at!) and focus on it – whether it’s nature, sports, portraits, events, fashion, macro, etc. – and make it the highlight of your digital photo collection.

Know your tools

Whether you are shooting with your phone, a point-and-shoot camera, a DSLR or an instant camera – get comfortable with its capabilities and settings. Of course, you can always improve a picture in post-processing but shooting with the right settings will save you lots of time editing the shot later on.


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