10 Useful Psychological Tricks That Will Boost Your Creativity

Creativity is something that you can cultivate and develop with a little practice and hard work. One important thing to remember is that creativity is not a passive process. Instead, focus on looking for ways to boost your own creativity. Seek out the things that inspire you and that helps you focus your attention and mental energy on the task at hand. Check out some of these fascinating and often unusual tricks that might help spark your creativity.

Go for a Walk

OneĀ  study found that people tend to be more creative when they are walking rather than when they are sitting down. Previous research has shown that regular physical activity can play an important role in boosting and protecting cognitive abilities, but this study found that a simple walk could temporarily improve certain types of thinking.

So if you are tied to a desk and struggling to come up with a good idea, try going for a quick walk to see if inspiration might strike.

Reward Yourself

Research has found that rewarding things that are already intrinsically rewarding can backfire and actually reduce motivation, a phenomenon known as the overjustification effect. So it might seem like offering some sort of reward for creative thinking might have the opposite effect, stifling creativity and motivation.

Yet research has found that when rewards are offered explicitly for producing creative works, creativity actually increases.


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