10 Ways to Treat And Prevent Calf Pain After Running

Experiencing sore calves after running is common for new and experienced runners alike. The calf pain can range from slightly irritating to debilitating – but regardless of your tolerance, it’s important to understand exactly why your calves are sore and what to change to avoid it.

Learning how to calf pain and soreness after running will help you reduce the pain and prevent it from affecting your training for any length of time. Here are a few simple ways to treat and reduce calf pain after running.

1. Double leg hops

This simple exercise helps promote proper foot strike and landing during a run to avoid sore calves afterwards. Simply incorporate a few hops in your regular warm up, cool down, or strength training routine each week.

2. Single leg squats

Not only do single leg squats encourage balance, but they help strengthen muscles around the knees, shins and ankles to protect the calves and help them stay strong to bear the load while running. Add a few single leg squats to your weekly strength training workout.

3. Calf raises

A great way to strengthen your calves is the obvious: calf raises. Spending a few minutes each week focusing on improving your calf strength will help prepare them to bear the load on the run. You can increase the effectiveness of this exercise by standing on the edge of a stair or step, so your heels are elevated and range of motion is increased.


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