10 Ways to Treat And Prevent Calf Pain After Running

4. Bosu ball squat

This variation of a classic squat is a great way to bring the focus to the ankles, knees and calves, improve balance and promote equal strength on both sides of the body. Stand on the round side of a Bosu ball, or flip to the flat side if you’re advanced, and complete a regular squat while maintaining balance.

5. Achilles stretch

The calf muscle runs all the way down to your ankle, connecting to your Achilles. Regardless of whether your calf soreness is near the top of your calf muscle or bottom, spending a few minutes stretching your Achilles region in your post-run cooldown is a great way to prevent tightness throughout the muscle.

6. Calf stretch

If you have chronic calf soreness from running, spending time stretching your calves is essential for reducing tightness. Be careful not to rush the stretch on each side, and try to stretch this area on a regular basis.

7. Get fitted for running shoes

A great deal of the calf soreness and tightness that runners experience is due to improper shoes with too much or too little support. Even slight variations in shoes can lead to lasting differences in foot strike, stride and overall form.

8. Self-massage

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