11-inch iPad Pro Magic Keyboard Review: Recommendation!

The iPad Pro combines a huge screen, laptop-caliber performance and excellent aesthetics to amazing effect. If you’re prioritizing portability over display size, you’re probably looking at the 11-inch iPad Pro, which offers no compromises on battery life or app support.

On the downside, though, the iPad Pro’s Smart Keyboard doesn’t offer a touchpad, a feature that Samsung finally beat Apple to, in the Galaxy Tab S6. But if you can overlook that by reaching out to touch the iPad’s screen, the 11-inch iPad Pro is one of the best tablets you can buy (provided you have the budget for it).

And right now, we’re on the eve of the iPad Pro becoming even more capable, as Apple brings more pro-level features in iPadOS, due next month.

iPad Pro price and accessories

The 11-inch iPad Pro starts at $799 for the Wi-Fi model with 64GB of storage (the same drive space you get in $10 flash drive on Amazon). The $129 Apple Pencil and $179 Smart Keyboard bump that price up to at least $1,107 – and that’s $8 more than an entry-level MacBook Air.

If you’re like me, and your cellular provider doesn’t give you hotspot connectivity, you’re spending $250 extra for LTE. A bump to 256GB of storage costs $150.


The 2018 iPad Pro design just looks right. It marries just-thin-enough bezels with an aluminum frame that feels fantastic to hold (though there was some early controversy about its tendency to bend).

Currently available in space gray and silver, the iPad Pro’s hues look a tad outdated, thanks to years of MacBooks in similar shades. Maybe we could get that great gold from the MacBook Air?


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