11 Simple Mindfulness Exercises to Improve Your Focus

Mindfulness is the quality of being present — the experience of being open and aware in the moment, without judgment or criticism, focusing your mind on the present rather than wandering. Meditation is the practice of training your mind for everyday mindfulness. You learn to strengthen your mind as you become more familiar with yourself.

Mindfulness is a mindset; meditation is the training to achieve it. To dive deeper, check out this post I wrote — a meditation guide for beginners. Or start practicing these 11 mindfulness exercises. Give them a try and see what sticks.

1. Watch your own movie

Imagine you are observing a movie and have to describe everything that is happening to someone else. You have to pay special attention and be clear, so the other person can understand what’s going on.

That’s precisely the purpose of this exercise. The only thing is that the movie is your life and you are telling the story to yourself, not to someone else. When you are ready, start by focusing on what you are doing — describe everything that is going on. Be specific, detailed-oriented, and clear. You are trying to increase awareness of how you are doing what you are doing.

Most of the time, we are living on autopilot. This exercise will help you increase awareness of your behavior, no matter how insignificant or not is the task that you are performing.


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