12 Fast Growing Vegetables That Are Suitable for Your Home Garden

Leaf Lettuce

Fast-Growing Vegetables: Leaf Lettuce

Lettuce offers a great diversity of leaf colors and textures to brighten your garden and your plate. Leaf lettuce is perfect for “cut-and-come-again” gardening. Harvest a few leaves at a time and they soon will regrow. Take up to one-third of the foliage at each harvest. Harvest weekly until leaf production slows or the plants begin to flower.


Fast-Growing Vegetables: Beets

Beets are versatile vegetables. Raw, cooked, or pickled, beets add earthy sweetness and rich color to all kinds of dishes. Beets made this list because they grow from seed to harvest in about seven weeks. Give them a head start by soaking the seeds in water overnight before sowing.

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