15 Amazing Historical Places in The World to Add to Your Bucket List

There’s no shortage of historical places in the world to add to your bucket list, but which ones are the best and where should you focus your time if there’s so many?  Well, of course this is a subjective list and if you have no interest in ancient cultures and history you might find that you go to some of these and shrug your shoulders at them.  Some are more recent history though so it’s not all about the ancient world with old stones and ruins and I think there’s some difference here to the popular historical places lists that abound so I hope you like it.  What are included here are sites that are hugely important to our culture as a human race and places that have been pivotal in the changing of our world over time and I personally think they’re incredibly interesting historic places to visit too.

I haven’t managed to tick off all of these world famous places yet, but I’ve seen a fair few of them and I have plans to tick off so many more!

Have I missed any historical locations that you feel should be in this list?  Do let me know in the comments because I’m always looking to add more sites to my bucket list, especially if they are full of history!  Without further ado and in no particular order…

Top historical places in the world to visit (according to me!)

1. Stonehenge, England

tips for visiting stonehenge

The first has to be one of my favourite ancient sites which I’ve had the pleasure of visiting twice now.  I was even lucky enough to be able to sleep nearby on an old byroad in our camper van which made it very easy to wake up and see the stones at sunrise (sadly you can’t do that any more).  It’s really a magical place but like many in this list is in danger of being overrun by tourists which just makes it less enjoyable.  If you can, try and go early before the crowds or late, just before it closes.


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