17 Open-plan living room ideas for a multi-functional, family space

Looking for open-plan living room ideas? Open-plan living has slowly become part of our everyday lives, from a home office within a living room to a kitchen-diner.

These spaces should be well designed and able to utilise the best of the overall room in their function. Clever decorating and styling ideas will keep the spaces looking separate but seamless.

Sounds complicated? Well fear not as we have compiled our top tips for making the most of your open-plan space, without breaking the bank. You’ll be the envy of your friends and family.

1. Create distinct areas with different textures

This barn has been converted into one long open-plan living space. It is light and airy and has a dark blue and green colour scheme running throughout the space. However, different textures and materials have been used to create a distinct divide between the dining area and living space. The area surrounding the wood-burning stove, features plush crushed velvet sofas in turquoise and mustard with an aged rug underfoot. In contrast, the dining area is tied together by the natural wood of the table and the wooden bar stools lined up by the kitchen breakfast bar at the far end.

2. Go green indoors

Conjure the illusion of  an amazing landscape with a trompe-l’oiel feature wall. A wall mural depicting a lush green forest or meadow can help to welcome the greenery of the garden in, adding to the illusion of extra space. Give the space a further botanical feel with luxe green velvet upholstery and an array of houseplants.


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