20 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Twins

When it comes to celebrities, it can feel like their good looks, charm and talent make them one of a kind. They stand out all on their own, and we don’t often hear about their families or their siblings. Therefore, it might just surprise you to find out that these celebrities actually have a twin. Some of them are even identical twins!


Scarlett Johansson is beautiful and talented, so it is clear that she belongs in front of the camera. Her twin brother Hunter did not get quite as lucky as his sister in the looks department, so his acting career did not quite pan out. He has a good head on his shoulders, though, and he has put it to good use, both as a community activist and with a career in politics.


Ashton’s twin brother had a profound impact on his life. The brothers are very close. Michael suffers from cerebral palsy, which always had Ashton worried that his brother would not survive. Now Michael is a spokesperson and advocate for cerebral palsy research. Ashton is always there to give his brother a hand when he needs it and does his own charity work for cerebral palsy research.


Vin Diesel may be a huge action star, but his brother prefers to live a much lower key life. Paul Diesel is very secretive, and it is very hard to get pictures of him. Paul and Vin may not be that close either, at least not as close as Vin seemed to be with Paul Walker. It is clear that the two brothers are very different, and Paul prefers to spend his time out of the limelight.


This French actress is perhaps most recognized as the Bond girl in Casino Royale, but she has a history of being a very talented actress on stage and screen. Her twin sister, Joy, has no desire to be an actress like her sister. Instead, Joy spends her time rearing horses on a ranch with her husband in Normandy. It’s hard to pick out who has the more idyllic life in that scenario.



This is a bit of a two for one, because both Aaron and Shawn have made a name for themselves as actors. But many people (until you see them side by side) do not realize that they are twins. Aaron is known for roles in Warehouse 13 and Killjoys. Shawn is known for his roles in the X-Men franchise and The Following.


Jon Heder is known for his major role as the title character in Napoleon Dynamite. But what many fans may not know is that he has an identical twin brother. The two used to stand in for each other all the time, and they are still doing it today. Sometimes Jon would convince his brother Dan to take his place at autograph signings so that he would not have to deal with signing tons of autographs.


Alanis Morissette had a period of success with her music that had everyone singing her songs, but it seems to have faded recently. However, it is still more than her brother has. Wade Morissette is her twin brother, and he is also a musician. While he’s talented, he had yet to reach the level of success that his sister did.


This is a two for one yet again, because both Jason and Jeremy London have created successful careers for themselves in Hollywood. Jason is known for his role in Dazed & Confused and a number of different edgy films. Jeremy is known for his roles on Party of Five and 7th Heaven. He is also known for a few film roles and a bizarre kidnapping incident.



Kiefer Sutherland may be a household name after his success with 24, but his sister has always made a name for herself in Hollywood. Rachel Sutherland is his twin sister, and she has made a career for herself behind the camera. She is known for being a post-production supervisor, and a producer on a number of successful television shows. It seems these siblings were made for television.


Linda Hamilton may not be much of a popular name anymore, but she was once a household name for her role as Sarah Conner in the Terminator series. She had a few television roles as well before it started to fizzle out. Her sister Leslie has one acting credit to her name, and that is in the role of Sarah Conner’s twin sister in Terminator 2.


Giovanni Ribisi has become known as a great comedic character for all those awkward friend roles. He’s great in Ted and A Million Ways to Die in the West. His twin sister Marissa Ribisi also did a bit of acting with roles in Pleasantville and Dazed and Confused. Since she has not been as successful in Hollywood as her brother, she has moved on to create her own fashion line.


Joseph Fiennes has created quite the career for himself with roles like William Shakespeare in Shakespeare in Love and a role in the second season of American Horror Story. His twin brother Jacob works as a game keeper for Sir Nicholas Bacon. While it may seem like Joseph is more of a success, Jacob gets to live in a 100-year-old cottage with his wife and walk beautiful grounds every day.



Nicholas Brendon made a name for himself both with his acting on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and his issues with alcohol. But in most of his exploits, it is rarely mentioned that he has a twin brother. His identical twin brother is Kelly Donovan. Kelly’s big break came when he was the stunt double for his brother on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. He now as a successful career as a stuntman.


Samantha Ronson is a singer-songwriter who made a name for herself as one of the most sought-after DJs in Hollywood. Plenty of A-listers want her for their private parties, and every club fights to have her. Her music career is also very promising. Her twin sister Charlotte is also artistically inclined, but her focus is more in the fashion industry than the music industry.


Parker Posey is known for being the Queen of the Indies. She has dozens of indie film credits to her name, and it seems there is no end to the interesting projects that she is willing to undertake. What most people do not know is that she has a twin brother named Christopher. Not to be outdone by his sister’s success, he is a practicing lawyer in Atlanta.


The infamous supermodel is not the only gorgeous face in the family. She actually has a twin sister who is quite the looker too. Patricia has not decided to go into the modeling world like her sister, but it is clear that she could if she wanted to. Giselle and her sister are obviously very close as well, which makes this a very lucky family.



Once upon a time, Aaron Carter was mildly relevant due to his famous brother. Now neither one of them is very big, and people have all but forgotten that Aaron also has a twin sister. Angel Carter is a model and has inherited the family’s good looks and kept them, unlike her brothers. She might end up having the most successful career of all of them.


Rami Malek’s biggest claim to fame is his role in Mr. Robot, in which he brings Elliot Anderson to life with impeccable skill. His gorgeous eyes have got plenty of women talking, so it’s a bit exciting to learn that he has an identical twin brother. His brother Sami is just as handsome as his brother, and he spends his time touching numerous lives as a teacher in California.


Jill Hennessy is best known for playing Jordan on Crossing Jordan and for her role on Law & Order. But one interesting fact about her is that while she had made a name for herself in American television, her twin sister has made a name for herself in Canadian television. Jacqueline Hennessy is her identical twin sister and is known as a television host and magazine writer in Canada.


While he might not be a household name in the U.S. quite yet, Siva Kaneswaran is known for being in the boy band The Wanted. Siva is a very handsome member and gets plenty of attention. His identical twin brother Kumar also has the same good looks, which have led him to pursue a career in modeling. They also have acting skills and have played twins in two different shows.


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