22 Tricks Anyone Should Know Before Taking a Photo

If you think that you can’t take photographs at all, it’s probably just because you don’t know a few simple tricks. Learn them, and you will never again have to say, “In reality, it looked much better!” when you show your photos to your relatives.

we has collected some tips that will help make your photographs much better.

22 Tricks Anyone Should Know Before Taking a Photo

1. Let’s start with the most popular genre: the “I’m in front of this and that” photo. Everyone is super tired of such photos, but when you want a picture just for your memories, nothing else comes to mind. There is a way to do it successfully. When you are taking a picture of someone in front of a building or some beautiful greenery, the person should be the main focus. The building should be nothing more than the background. Or you can take a picture of the object, and your friend will be just a small silhouette. When you try to capture both, it will look like your friend was Photoshopped into the photo.

2. Photos without a story are empty, so make one up, and tell it using the photo. Instead of standing in front of the park with a “What am I doing here?” face, make your model sit on a bench and pretend to be thinking about something.

3. Shyness is the enemy of a good shot. Make the model smile, let them make faces, or let them do anything! Every photo must be alive. You can try to give the impression that a person didn’t know that their photo was being taken. Some people think that they are too cool to make faces for photos, but this is a mistake: look at the girl in the photo above! She looks alive!

4. Holding something in your hands can make you look natural and help you tell a story. Let your model make pictures in the sand, hold a backpack, or play with flowers.

5. In a model’s pose, there should be as few straight lines as possible. It’s great if your model crosses their legs.

6. People look much better in photos when they are sitting. This way it’s easier to relax.


22 Tricks Anyone Should Know Before Taking a Photo

7. There are a few more rules you shouldn’t break in order to get a decent photo of a person. Since you’ve decided to take a picture of someone, don’t cut off their head or other body parts. If you don’t need a photo of the entire body, don’t create lines through the knees. Look at the 3 photos above: the first photo looks wrong, and the other 2 look fine. The same goes for arms.

8. Leave some free space around the person, and don’t put them in a tight space. If your model is looking to the right, for example, and pointing their hand, leave more space on the right.

9. A built-in flash usually doesn’t help but actually stands in the way of good pictures (just remember overly lit faces with red eyes). We don’t recommend using flashes at all. The same goes for DSLR cameras. If you want to use them properly, you have to be a real photographer. Accept it.


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