5 Macro Photography Mistakes you’re Making

Macro photography is a unique genre with its own learning curve.

Many people get frustrated when they first try to learn macro but the reality is that it takes practice and you just have to stick with it, like all types of photography. Let’s chat about some of the biggest mistakes you could make in your macro journey.

1. Always using a tripod

macro photo of a purple flower by Tiffany Kelly

I never ever use a tripod for macro photography. I’m not saying you shouldn’t either, but you should at least TRY without the tripod. It’s incredibly freeing and allows you to be more creative and play with your angles. Don’t get bogged down by the idea that you need a tripod for macro work. Instead, try hand-holding and make sure your shutter speed is high enough to prevent motion blur. Many macro lenses, like the Canon 100mm or Nikon 105mm, are pretty heavy so I suggest staying at 1/200 of a second or faster.


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