5 Tools to Search for Online Learning Courses and Study Partners

You should never stop learning. Start learning new skills with the help of the right online courses and study partners.

If you want to keep growing, you should never stop learning. These websites and apps help you learn new skills with the right online courses. You can also tap them to find study partners for that classroom feeling.

Find online classes


Many universities and schools make their coursework available for free online, in what is called Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). You can go for paid courses too that offer legitimate degrees once you finish them.

Finding the right course for your time availability and budget, and completing it within the timeframe, is the difficult part. So here are a few ways to make that search easier.

1. Coursesity (Web): Directory Of Online Courses Across Subjects

Coursesity homepage with a directory of online courses


If you’re looking for a list of different online courses about a subject or topic, head to Coursesity. The directory lists over 50,000 online courses from a variety of platforms, across subjects like programming, arts, office productivity, science, etc.

Pick a subject to see all the courses available in it. You can then filter the results by user rating, duration, price, language, certificate availability, and difficulty level. These filters are key to discovering the right course for you. Once you find it, add it to your collection.

Collections are an integral part of discovering courses on Coursesity. The founder, Keyul Shah, has a list of recommended courses in collections on different subjects, but you can also see any user’s collection for inspiration.

Collections like the Free Ivy League Courses help in narrowing choices and discovering authorized content you wouldn’t easily find otherwise.


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