7 Effective Ways to Stop Suffering From Stomach Ache and Constipation

5. Eat foods rich in fiber.

Fiber improves intestinal functioning. The more fiber you eat, the softer your stool is, and our bodies can then pass it more easily preventing constipation.

The key is to add fiber to your meal plan slowly – it will minimize bloating and gas. Great sources of fiber are fruit, vegetables, whole grain bread and cereal, berries, and dried beans. The last 2 are soluble and work to slow down the passage of consumed food from the stomach to the intestines. If you have diarrhea, soluble fiber is your only option.

6. Take probiotics and prebiotics.

Prebiotics are parts of foods that can’t be digested. For example, fruit and vegetable skins. Probiotics are live bacteria created during the fermentation process in foods like yogurt.

Probiotics are supposed to live in your intestines, but our environment, unhealthy lifestyles, and antibiotics all reduce their amount. They’re essential for our digestion and help relieve symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating and diarrhea. You can either buy probiotics and take them in the dosage recommended by your doctor or eat more fermented foods like Kombucha.

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