7 Health Tips Every Woman Should Know To Stay Healthy

Good nutrition and exercise can relieve stress and boost the morale of both men and women. However, different biological and social characteristics, which are specific to women, mean that the health problems they face during their lifetime may differ from those of men.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a regular checkup and be aware of health-related issues for better health. Pillar of Wellness provides a comprehensive health assessment, and also provides different health care services to overcome health issues if you have any. We have listed 7 major health tips that every Woman should know to stay healthy.

1. Stress can cause irregularity in your metabolism

Stress affects the loss

Stress affects the loss of fat for everyone, but it is possible that some types of stress are more harmful to women than for men. It leads to the persistent secretion of cortisol, the main effect of which is to increase blood sugar so that you have enough energy to cope with a stressful situation. Stress slows metabolism and burns fewer calories. This means that over time, stress can lead to weight gain. It leads to a lower level of estrogen and testosterone in women. Women with lower testosterone levels will have a hard time burning fat. As such, women should find stress management strategies such as meditation, yoga, psychological therapy, etc.


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