8 Healthy Protein Snacks for Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss happens faster when you eat a calorie-controlled diet full of healthy meals and portion-controlled snacks. But trying to eat the right foods and the right amount of each food can be a huge challenge. One strategy is to keep several servings of healthy protein snacks in your refrigerator at all times. That way, a quick and nutritious bite is always available when cravings hit.


A single serving of edamame is one cup of prepared (steamed) soybeans. Store each serving of edamame in an individual, microwave-safe container so that you can pull it out of the refrigerator and pop it into the microwave when you’re hungry. A single-serving of this healthy snack provides a whopping 17 grams of protein, and it is also a great source of fiber.

Cottage Cheese

If you prefer a healthy protein snack that is creamy, keep cottage cheese on hand. A 1/2 cup serving of 2% milkfat cottage cheese provides 12 grams of protein. Eat your cottage cheese with a few berries or steamed veggies to add nutrients and fiber. Be aware, however, that cottage cheese is high in sodium. So if you’re watching your salt intake, this might not be the best choice for a healthy protein snack.


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