8 Loving Suggestions of Ways to Calm Down When Stressed

It happens to all of us, the ever-exciting emotional or mental breakdown. Blugh. They come in tall, grande & venti and never at ”a good time”. Whilst I might be hurdling up in tears, someone else rages with anger. They’re predictably unpredictable (yes that doesn’t make sense, just like those outbreaks..) Whether you’re currently feeling not too good, or need some ideas on what to do when feeling drained and unhappy… This post, with ways to calm down, is one you’ll want to save. Promised!

The secret behind these ways to calm down

In all the methods below there is one very big overarching concept. And that is the concept of shifting. Often, when we find ourselves drowning in an unpleasant emotion, chances are likely we’ve lost some form grip. Just like when one foot hurts, we shift to the other to release tension and give it space to heal. Mentally and emotionally we can also shift, master this and you’ve mastered the secret of owning yourself.

1 Ways to Calm Down | Embrace The Disbalance

Rather than trying to flee your current state, lovingly embrace it. Shift inwards.

I’m a very sensitive person, and frankly, I get emotional/overwhelmed very quickly. It’s fantastic as I experience bliss often. But it can be pretty turbulent too as I’m easily affected and disturbed by things I pick up. Whenever a kind soul would say that it was ok for me to cry it wouldn’t take long before I felt ok again.

A startling revelation really! And one of my go-to ways to calm down.

By diving deep into the emotion straight away you are allowing yourself to go through whatever affected you. Your system needs the release (whether you like it or not) and by actually giving it some time and space to express itself it will (surprisingly) dissolve sooner than later.

For example, when I feel disturbed and am experiencing some negative feelings I close my eyes and visualize me surrendering to the emotion. I visualize the ”disturbance” as a big soft cloud and then I imagine myself surrendering to it like gently falling into a huge sized bean bag. Repeating to myself ”it’s ok to feel this way” helps, and foremost, calms me down.

2 Ways to Calm Down | Activate Your Senses

Another great way to calm down. Activate your senses by shifting your awareness.

Allow yourself to pause and reconnect with the current moment. Observe where you are and answer these simple questions objectively by tuning in with your current state of being.


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