8 Reasons Why A 50mm Lens Is All You Need For Amazing Photography

If you’re a newbie to photography, you’re probably confused about all those types of lenses. One might use an ultra-wide lens, some may prefer a gigantic telephoto lens, and then we have those photographers that stick to the classic 50mm prime lens. Sure, the telephoto lens will give you an advantage when shooting moving subjects and an ultra-wide beast will make the landscapes look amazing, but the versatility of the 50mm lens is almost unbeatable.

50mm lens is almost unbeatable

Modern photographers tend to use a 50mm lens all the time, as it’s the most versatile and works in most cases. For example, portrait photographers will often use this lens but so will street photographers.

In today’s article, we’re going to give you 8 reasons why you should have a 50mm lens added to your photography gear. We’re also going to give you some of the best lenses of this kind. Grab your cup of tea and let’s get going!

1. It’s the Most Versatile Lens Out There

Most Versatile

I know we’ve already mentioned this but let’s just elaborate. Why is a 50mm lens the best lens you can get?

Well, let’s take a telephoto lens for example. Its field of view is very narrow but it lets you zoom in quite a lot. On top of that, this lens will help you capture wildlife and moving subjects. An ultra-wide lens will fit more into a frame. But, this 50mm lens represents a golden middle between these two. Its field of view isn’t very narrow and it definitely isn’t very wide. With the capabilities that a 50mm lens offers, you can capture almost any kind of photos with a great chance of success.

The focal length of 50mm simply works wonders, as it’s the closest to the field of view of a human eye. Some say that a 35mm lens represents the human eye, and 50mm is definitely very close. That being said, if you love taking shots on your vacation or when visiting foreign countries, a 50mm lens is all you need for your walk-around shots.


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