8 Tips On How To Use DSLR Camera For Beginners

One of the most crucial things that lead to a quality photo is ISO settings of your camera, you need to correct ISO settings before taking any pictures. This setting can be in automatic mode, except when taking pictures in dark. Then you need to manually change the settings of ISO because in the dark the camera will usually make a mistake with adjusting the ISO. If you want the best possible quality outcome out of your pictures, then you will want to set the ISO on 100 preferably if possible when taking photos.


Also, one other instance, where using auto mode can be a little tricky, is with built-in flash. This probably happened to you already. You were trying to take a picture and the flash popped out while the camera was on auto mode. This is another instance where using auto mode is not recommended. Let’s give a few examples of why this is bad. Imagine yourself at a music concert, where you are trying to take pictures of the band. If you are using auto mode and it’s dark, the built-in flash will pop up. This flash will not help with the lighting because it will not reach the stage at all, it will only be a bother to people around you.

Another reverse situation is the flash not turning on while the camera is in auto mode. Now picture a bright sunny day. You are trying to take a portrait picture of your friend. Because the sun is too bright it can often create unwanted shadows on the body or on the background. This is a perfect time to use flash to negate these shadows. But, if you are using auto mode, the camera will not turn it on because it thinks you have enough light for the picture.

Now let’s get back to manual modes of the camera. Before you start using the manual mode you will need to learn a few things about your DLSR and photography in general. Educate yourself about aperture, ISO value and exposure time. You can educate yourself about these subjects on Pixobo. If you don’t understand something, feel free to send us an email. After understanding these concepts, you can finally get away from auto mode and enter into the amazing world of photography.

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