9 Facts About Animals No One Told Us During Biology Class

If biology teachers told their students about these animals and their crazy habits, no one would ever skip class again.

we gathered nine unbelievable facts about the animal world that would stun even scientists. After reading about these animals, you’ll realize how diverse and amazing they really are.

9. Sparrowhawks set grass on fire to force rodents out of their holes.

9 Facts About Animals No One Told Us During Biology Class

Believe it or not, some birds may be responsible for spreading wildfires. In Australia, zoologists have witnessed sparrowhawks and other birds of prey carrying burning sticks in their talons and throwing them onto dry grass. Doing this causes grass fires, forcing their prey to come out of hiding.

8. A frog that completely freezes itself.

9 Facts About Animals No One Told Us During Biology Class

The Alaskan Wood Frog literally freezes for six to seven months at a time. When the frost comes and covers the frog’s body with ice, its lungs and heart stop working and its blood stops circulating.

The frog has a cryoprotectant mechanism, reducing the freezing point of the blood and other biological fluids that help it survive during such freezing. As soon as the spring comes, the frog wakes up again and continues to thrive.

7. A fish that creates a perfectly geometrical nest.

9 Facts About Animals No One Told Us During Biology Class

These mysterious geometric patterns on the Pacific Ocean’s floor are the work of the white-spotted puffer. These beautiful patterns are meant to collect fine sand particles from streams of water, helping the white-spotted puffer to survive in the ocean’s environment.


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