9 Tips to Improve Your Food Photography

I am a photographer who loves to photograph food. Photographing food is a big subject. It ranges from shooting exquisite dishes prepared by top chefs to recipes devised for food companies, books and editorial projects.

It also includes photographing food growing in fields or being processed in smokehouses and bakeries. I even take portraits of people involved in producing food.

To be a good food photographer you need to like, understand and be interested in food. You also need to love how food looks and how it can be styled for photographs. You have to be comfortable around food.

1. Know Your Subject


It helps if you have experience with cooking and food preparation, because this gives you the language to talk to chefs and food stylists.

You also need to appreciate the amazing skills and ingredients required to produce top notch food.

The best place to start learning about food photography is your own table. This is where your interest can flourish.

Cooking and presenting food at your own table is great practice for assembling and creating a set for commercial food photography.

Food photography, like all photography, is an exercise in observation. When you are at home, you can learn to train your eyes to look at how light falls on the food around you.


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