9 Weird Woodworking Tricks That Actually Work!

I’ve read a lot of woodworking tips and tricks online, so much so, that it seems like I’m not seeing any new ones.

So I set out to make a useful collection of woodwork tricks that aren’t the typical ones you see online.

I hope you enjoy these and pick up at least one tip you haven’t seen before.



This first trick is ideal if you’re framing, or doing woodworking where a tolerance of ± 3mm (or 1/8 inch) is acceptable.

Measure the distance between your blade and both edges of the saw base plate. Then commit these measurements to memory. In my case it’s 4 inches on one side and an inch and an eighth on the other. This allows me to rip sheet goods (particularly plywood) to these measurements quickly and accurately without measuring or marking. I just set the saw up with the base plate parallel to the edge of the sheet and away I go!

You’ll be amazed how often you’ll use it. Taking an inch off a sheet of plywood when you’re framing a house is a very handy thing to be able to do quickly. Similarly, being able to rip plywood to the same thickness as a 2 x 4 without measuring or marking saves me a load of time.


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