Best Macro Lens for Photographers: The Ultimate Introduction

What’s the best macro lens for your kit?  Read this first!

Macro photography can be a lot of fun to shoot.  There is just something fascinating about seeing tiny details at life-size.  There’s a whole teeny, tiny world out there waiting for an explorer like you! The problem?  To uncover these bijou realms, you need a macro lens.

Choosing the best macro lens for you is hard.  Heck, even deciding if you really need a macro lens is kind of challenging, let alone deciphering what all the 1:1 magnification gobbeldy-gook means.  But don’t let these small details get in the way of nailing big results with a macro lens.  Today, I’ll cover what makes a macro lens different from regular lenses and highlight a few great lenses on the market today.  And I’ll wrap up with some low cost dedicated macro lens alternatives.  So grab some coffee, a notebook and your bifocals (or is that just me???) and we’ll decipher the fine print of the macro lens!

Do I need a macro lens

What is a macro lens?

Have you ever tried to take a picture up close of something really small like a flower or bug?  Except you failed.  Miserably.  Maybe your image was blurry.  Or maybe the details were still too small.  Either way, your current lens wasn’t up to the task.  What you need in these instances is a macro lens!

A macro lens is a specialty lens in photography.  It’s designed to take close-up photos of small subjects and magnify them to at least real-life size on your camera’s sensor.

Macro lenses also make excellent portrait lenses!  They are sharp and offer great color and contrast.  So don’t feel like the only thing a macro lens can do is shoot macro images!


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