Traveling and photography go hand in hand. Whether you’re a professional travel photographer on an expedition or a tourist on a dream holiday, it’s only natural that you look to take photos that perfectly capture your experience and memories. 

But before embarking on travels, photographers must ensure they’re armed with both the correct equipment and the knowledge that will enable them to do that. 

Here are six things to keep in mind – especially if you’re looking to find new or unique perspectives at a destination that’s already been photographed countless times.

1. Make the Right Camera Choice 

First thing’s first – make sure you have the correct camera on hand. Think about what you really want to achieve from your travel photography. 

For seasoned professionals embarking on travels in order to capture impressive shots, I recommend investing in a camera such as the Fujifilm GFX 100. This delivers the best in image quality and is the highest class resolution mirrorless digital camera.

Those of you anticipating that a lot of exploring will take place won’t want a huge camera weighing you down when you don’t necessarily need it. In this instance, I recommend using the Fujifilm X-T30 or X-T3.

Both of these cameras are lightweight and compact while still delivering impressive imagery, making them the perfect camera companion when getting out and about.

Once you’ve decided on your camera, it’s time to get acquainted with your surroundings and the lenses you should use. 

2. Take Advantage of  Golden Hour

The greatest friend you will have in photography is light. It is undoubtedly the single most important factor in taking great landscape photographs.

golden hour above the clouds

The magic really happens in the “golden hour,” which is the half hour either side of sunset and sunrise. 


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