The 8 most important skills of the best technology leaders

A great technology leader should be a business leader first, practise extreme ownership, and deliver value quickly. If you have aspirations of being a Chief Digital Officer or Chief Information Officer then read on…

The Chief Information Officer role is relatively young in comparison with some other C-suite colleagues. The first waves of CIO were often the leading technologists in their organisation, however, technology leadership has changed drastically over the last decade.

If you want to become a technology leader that has real impact then these are the things to focus on.

1. Be a business leader first

First and foremost be a business leader who happens to specialise in digital and technology.

You’ll need a well-rounded knowledge of finance, procurement, commerce, HR, operations, marketing, etc to have a good chance of being a senior leader.

Many business leaders are not technical, and nor should they be.

Explain technical jargon in plain English along with the business justification – cheaper to build, easier to maintain, faster to change, etc. Make sure you use the language of business not technology.

You’ll need to lead everyone in the business, so it’s not right to hide behind technical jargon.


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