The Frugal Gardener: Look at 10 Ways to Save Money in a Home Garden

Gardening is an enjoyable hobby that can be even more rewarding when it’s on the cheap. Here are 10 easy ways to save money on gardening.

Buy Offseason

Wait for sales. Get the best deals when the traffic has died down at the garden centers: in the dog days of summer, after major holidays, and in fall. If your local supermarket has a temporary garden center in the parking lot (many do), find out when it closes for the season (likely midsummer) and show up then. You can get some amazing discounts because they have to move the inventory.

Free Mulch

Free Mulch

More Free Mulch

Grass clippings hold both nitrogen and moisture, so they’re a good summer mulch when used correctly. First, if you’re putting clipping around edibles, make sure the clippings are from an untreated lawn—you don’t want to mulch with pesticides and herbicides accidentally. Second, spread the clippings lightly so they can dry out and don’t compact into a smelly mess. In fall, you can add shredded leaves to the mix. They’ll improve soil texture, fertility and moisture-holding capacity as they break down.

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