These 20 Wealthy Celebrities Refuse To Help Their Poor Siblings

When it comes to being a celebrity, it seems like there are some things that come with the territory. There may be long hours and tons of paparazzi, but there’s also plenty of money. Many celebrities will use this money to not only improve their own lives, but to improve the lives of their families as well. However, many of the celebrities on this list choose to keep their money to themselves rather than helping their siblings get into a higher tax bracket. Click through the list to see which celebrities don’t want to share.


Halle Berry’s sister may not be destitute, but it’s very clear that she’s getting no help whatsoever from her sister. Halle has spoken publicly about growing up with an alcoholic and abusive father and how it affected her. Halle’s sister denied the claims and said that their father only drank socially and never abused them. The sisters have been estranged ever since.


Madonna is apparently worth more than $1 billion due to her prolific music career. She has more money than she could ever possibly spend, but that doesn’t mean that she’s going to spend it to help a sibling. Her brother Anthony Ciccone is so poor that he’s homeless. He’s struggled with drugs and alcohol and has been in and out of jail.


Before Prince died, he had stopped doing anything to help his sister Tyka. In the beginning, he pulled strings to get her a record deal, but instead of focusing on music, she turned to drugs. In desperation to keep feeding her addiction, she became a sex worker. That was when Prince decided to cut ties with her and stop helping her.


Julia Roberts has been called America’s sweetheart, but she isn’t seen that way by everyone. Her half-sister struggled for years with drugs and grew to resent her famous, rich sister because she believed Julia never did anything to help her. In the end, Julia’s sister ended up committing suicide and blaming it on her famous sister’s apathy.=====================


Dane Cook refuses to help his broke and struggling sibling, but like others on this list, he has a very good reason. Dane’s brother embezzled $12 million from Dane. Once the crime was discovered, Dane’s brother and sister-in-law were sent to prison. Now both have been released from prison and are very poor, but Dane has absolutely no desire to help them.


Beyoncé is definitely not hurting for money, and neither is her sister Solange. But she does have two half-siblings that her dad fathered while cheating on her mother. When Beyoncé decided to fire her father as her manager, she made it clear to him that she would not support her half-siblings. Her father now claims Beyoncé firing him is the reason why he can no longer pay child support.


The Kardashian sisters have built up a large and successful empire around their celebrity. However, it seems that the wealth and success hasn’t extended to their brother Robert Kardashian. He isn’t rich and doesn’t live the life of a celebrity.


Mariah Carey has a music empire that’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but she hasn’t used it to help her sister Allison. The sisters have been estranged since the 1990s. Mariah refuses to associate with her sister due to her drug abuse and the fact that she spent time as a sex worker. Mariah has also cut ties with her brother for selling stories about her to the tabloids.



Bill Clinton is very wealthy due to his speaking engagements, books, and political career. But Bill’s half-brother Roger is a different story. Roger is known to do drugs and have shady dealings with the mob. He’s been in trouble with the IRS and for dealing cocaine a few times. Bill refuses to help Roger any further.


Gordon Ramsay is one of the most successful and famous chefs in the world. But having a fortune doesn’t mean he’s willing to waste money on a lost cause. Gordon Ramsay has a very poor brother that he refuses to help because his brother is a drug addict. Gordon rarely speaks about his brother but finds him a burden.


Nick Carter is yet another celebrity who suffers from the burden of a drug-addicted sibling. His sister was so addicted to drugs that she eventually died of a drug overdose. She spent all her money on drugs and relied on the family to support her. When she died, the family blamed Nick for not using more of his money to help her.


Alec Baldwin is one of the famous Baldwin brothers, and is the most successful. Alec has done what he can to get all his brothers a start in Hollywood, but it didn’t take for his brother Daniel. Daniel worked in Hollywood for a short time, but eventually turned to drugs and alcohol. His addictions ruined him financially and extinguished Alec’s desire to help.



Sylvester Stallone found a way to become a huge celebrity in Hollywood and has a fortune to his name. However, he refuses to help his drug-addicted sister. When he decided to cut her off, she threatened to sue him for abuse if he didn’t give her a large sum of money. That was the last straw for Sylvester Stallone and he cut her off.


Most people know Lindsay for her time as a very talented child star, but she turned to drugs and partying. This is doubly unfortunate, because Lindsay’s sister Ali has hopes of being a model, but she continues to struggle to find work. Apparently, companies are afraid to hire Ali because her sister is so unreliable and untrustworthy.


Michael Douglas is Kirk Douglas’s son, and it’s hard to imagine that anyone from this family of acting powerhouses would be poor. But Michael’s half-brother Eric died penniless and in a pitiful state with no one to help him. Eric tried to get into Hollywood like his father and brother, but his reliance on drugs and alcohol prevented him from having any sort of career.


Paris Hilton has taken the money she got from her parents and built a successful brand out of it. The same cannot be said for her brother Barron, who has never seemed to get his life together. He doesn’t work and spends his time squandering the money his parents left him and getting into trouble. Paris refuses to help him out of his messes or with extra money.



It’s nothing short of shocking to have not one but two presidents on this list, but Jimmy and his brother Billy couldn’t be more different. Billy was born when Jimmy was 13, and they took different paths. Billy turned to drugs, and the family refused to help him because he refused to get clean. Billy continues to be penniless, and Jimmy Carter is living out his days in comfort.


Kyle Richards is famous for being on Real Housewives. Her sister is former child star Kim Richards. However, Kim’s money has long since run out, and she’s living off the generosity of her sisters Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton. However, the sisters say that they’re going to stop supporting her if she doesn’t get clean.


Michael Jackson is another celebrity who was accused of not taking care of his siblings. When he died, all of his fortune was left to his children and his mother. His siblings feel like they should have been given some of the massive fortune and have been fighting to get a piece of the pie ever since.


Even in death, Jimi Hendrix refused to do anything to help his brother. Jimi’s brother was always getting into some sort of trouble. It started with stealing fur coats. As his problems got worse, Jimi stopped trying to help. When he died, Jimi left everything to his father and nothing to his brother. When Jimi’s father died, he also left nothing to his criminal son.


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