Top 10 Hanging Storage Hacks to Get Your Home Super Organized

Slatted Bed Base Storage

This DIY wall storage solution uses a slatted wood bed base from Ikea. The inexpensive bed base is simply wood connected with fabric, so it can easily be cut to fit your space. Then, mount it to your wall, and use S-hooks to hang baskets and other items for storage. You even can use it to hang small planters for a vertical indoor garden.

Shower Curtain Rod Caddy

Not enough storage in your builder-grade tub? A tension shower curtain rod can be an easy and economical solution to create some hanging storage space for all your bath products. Dawn from Dawn Nicole Designs installed a shower curtain rod in the back of her shower and used shower curtain hooks to hang loofahs, a basket of children’s bath toys, and more. The rod also is useful to hang washcloths, wet swimsuits, and anything else that needs to drip dry.


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