Top 10 Possible Locations Of The Ark Of The Covenant

Southern Africa

In Zimbabwe and northern Africa lies an old, time-worn tribe of 70-80,000 members whose culture differs greatly from its African neighbours, refraining from pork, wearing skull caps and even having the Star of David on their gravestones. This is the Lemba people.

Their distinct Jewish culture is almost astonishing to the common man, but there’s more. A famous religious artefact was in their possession, called the ‘ngoma lungundu’ which translates into ‘the drum that thunders’. Their belief states that this is a replica made from the one and only Ark of the Covenant 700 years back. Genetic results suggested that the Lemba’s priestly clan, the Buba, could be descendants of the Kohanim, the Jewish priestly clan, backing up their tradition that the tribe descended from seven Jewish men who left Israel 2500 years ago. In fact, this “Ark” can be viewed for display. Personally, the ‘drum that thunders’ sounds more badass.[7]

Mt. Nebo

Now this is one of the strongest candidates on the list. This mountain has a significant role in Judaism and Christianity as the place from where Moses saw the Promised Land and where he died, although his exact burial site is unknown. But is there something else that might be unknown?

According to the Book of Maccabees in the Bible, the prophet Jeremiah acted on instruction from God and hid the Ark in the mountain from where Moses saw the Promised Land. He found a cave, hid it in there and sealed the entrance. After a couple of his mates came to see what he was up to, he said no one will know about this place until “God gathers together His people” and “shows mercy.” We can only hope that day is coming, patience people… and no, blowing up the mountain certainly isn’t a good idea, I know there’s one or two of you thinking that.

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