Which electric car is the best? Here are a few cars that you might look for so far

What Car? named the Kia e-Niro as their Car of the Year 2019 and we happen to agree. A stylish, pure electric SUV at a price comparable to petrol or diesel equivalents, it really is one of the best electric cars around. For us, it’s the combination of the range and price that places this at number one of the best electric cars available right now.

This car combines everything we love about electric cars. It’s a powerful drive offering great traction and acceleration. There’s bags of features including all the safety elements you could hope for including smart cruise control, forward collision-avoidance assist and lane following assist. Being an SUV, space is also plentiful so it’s also a great electric for a family.

The drawbacks? The only negative we can say about this model is that it lacks a bit of style that some of the later models down our list can offer.

Kia have also seen unprecedented levels of interest since the e-Niro’s launch and the current production is currently sold out. It is, however, possible to reserve a vehicle for delivery during 2020.

Best electric car for 2020

Volkswagen ID.3 electric car


  • Approximate miles: 185 – 340
  • Cost: From £22,000
  • Available from: Summer 2020

We’re so excited about the VW ID.3 that it had to come in second on our list. Although it won’t be released until mid-way through next year, the whole VW ID range is tipped to offer us some of the best electric cars of 2020.

VW has invested heavily in four hotly anticipated electric concept vehicles which also includes a saloon, SUV and a seven-seater microbus but it will be the ID.3 which will be off the production line first.

The ID.3 is a five-door hatchback. It promises high-performance, all the latest technology and a choice of three powertrains. This will allow drivers to choose between standard, mid and long-range options depending on their mileage preferences.

What makes it worthy of such a high rating for us is both the range capabilities but also the price tag. This electric car also makes an appearance in our list of the cheapest electric cars. This will be another car in high-demand so reservations are recommended.

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