10 Exercises That Are Perfect For Developing Your Back Muscles

7. Lat pulldown

10 Effective Exercises That’ll Reward You With a Wider Back

The lat pulldown exercise works out your lats. You will need a cable machine with a wide bar attached to the top pulley to perform this exercise.

Initial position: Sit down on the bench of the cable machine and grab the pulley bar with your hands placed wider than a shoulder-width (in a wide grip). Your hands should be straight, and the bar should be over your head. Lean your torso back at a 30 degree angle, while your chest is pulled forward.

What to do:

  • Breathe out, pull the bar down toward your upper chest, and bring your shoulders and upper arms back.
  • As you get into this position, squeeze the back muscles and hold for a couple of seconds.
  • Make sure that your upper torso is stationary and that your arms are the only things that are moving.
  • Relaxing your shoulder blades, slowly bring the bar back to the initial position, fully extending your arms. Inhale.
  • Repeat 50-60 times.

8. Seated cable low row

10 Effective Exercises That’ll Reward You With a Wider Back

The seated cable low row is good for working out your middle back muscles. You will need a low pulley row machine with a V-bar for this exercise.

Initial position: Sit on the machine and slightly bend your knees so that you can reach the handle with your arms stretched out, but without rounding your back.

What to do:

  • Pull the attachment toward your torso, driving your elbows toward your hips.
  • Your head, back, and spine should be aligned. Your chest is elevated and your whole core is engaged.
  • When the attachment is near your torso, engage your lats and shoulder blades and hold this position for a couple of seconds.
  • Slowly pull the attachment back returning to the initial position.
  • Repeat 30-40 times.

9. Inverted bodyweight row

10 Effective Exercises That’ll Reward You With a Wider Back

The inverted bodyweight row targets your middle back area. You will need any bar that you can adjust to your waist height or a smith machine for this exercise.

Initial position: Adjust your bar to your waist height and grab it with your arms positioned wider than shoulder-width. Your body should be underneath the bar, heels on the ground, arms fully extended, and your body should be straight.

What to do:

  • Engage your shoulder blades, and pull the torso and body up.
  • Hold the position for a couple of seconds.
  • Slowly return to the initial position.
  • Repeat 20 times.

10. Straight-arm pulldown

10 Effective Exercises That’ll Reward You With a Wider Back

The straight-arm pulldown exercise develops your lats, upper back, rear deltoids, triceps, chest ,and core. You will need a cable station and a rope handle attached to a high pulley.

Initial position: Once your rope handle is attached to the high pulley of a cable station, grab the ends in your hands, and face the station. Pull your shoulder blades back, together, and down. Pull your ribs down, tuck your tailbone under, and brace your core.

What to do:

  • Move your hips back forming 30-45 degree angle with your body.
  • Your arms are in front of you, fully extended. You should feel the tension in the cable and in your back muscles. Put your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • In an arcing motion, very slowly bring your arms down until your hands align with your hips. Your elbows should be locked down!
  • Hold this position for a couple of seconds, then slowly return to your initial position.
  • Repeat 25-30 times.

While performing this exercise, it’s important to keep your elbows fully extended and locked. If you start bending, your triceps will get involved and this will reduce the positive effect on your lats.


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