10 High Impact Foods to Boost Your Energy and Productivity

The general consensus when it comes to choosing food to eat for energy is to combine a fruit or a vegetable, whole grain, lean protein, plant-based fat, and any herb or spice. As long as these 5 ingredients are present in one meal, you can expect to get the maximum amount of energy, which you will then use to be more productive at work, at home, or in school.

Technically, all foods supply energy. It is just a matter of some foods being better suppliers than others. With so many types of foods out there, the big question is what are the best choices that you should include in your “energy and productivity” diet? We have narrowed the list down to the ten best energy- and productivity-boosting foods.


We have mentioned the three macronutrients required for energy, and they include proteins. Chicken is one of the best and most abundant sources of protein that you can find, and the fact that it is tasty definitely doesn’t hurt.

To get the most out of the protein provided by chicken breast, avoid deep-frying or frying it. Leaving it overnight in a marinade or preparing it with lots of sauces and other ingredients will diminish its protein content. Try to keep it simple by grilling it. It’s tastier and healthier that way.


Eggs are usually a favorite breakfast fare, but they can actually be eaten at any time throughout the day. This is because eggs are rich in protein (they came from chicken, which we have already established as protein-rich, so that’s a given) as well as other nutrients such as healthy fats, potassium, and fiber, boosting your energy and providing long-lasting fullness.


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