10 Morning Routines to Help You Start the Day Right

I bet I can predict what your morning looks like: You wake up to a generic alarm clock sound, roll out of bed, get dressed, grab a mediocre breakfast, and leave the house still rubbing your eyes and yawning.

How’d I know? Because we all do it—it’s the only way we know how. (And if you’re not one of us traditionalists, I salute you!)

However, there are so many better ways to start your day than by following the usual patterns. Yes, you can journal, exercise, read, or meditate—but you can also get a little crazy and try any of these 12 other unique strategies to having better morning.

1. Massage your ears

5 Morning Procedures You Should Start Your Day With. Make These a Habit!

Massaging your ears can help you to fully wake up. This can be done early in the morning while you’re still lying in bed. Applying stimulation to the sensitive parts of the ear can have a positive effect on how energetic and lively you feel.

2. Drink a glass of warm water with lemon

5 Morning Procedures You Should Start Your Day With. Make These a Habit!

There are many reasons why you should swap coffee first thing in the morning in favor of a glass of warm water. It will improve the work of your digestive system, kidneys, and intestines; it can help remove toxins from your body; it can strengthen your immunity – the benefits are clear to see. You don’t have to squeeze the juice from an entire lemon for one glass, though – a quarter is enough. If you decide to drink this, it’s a good idea to wait 20-30 minutes before having breakfast.


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