10 Short Rituals You Can Do Every Day to Boost Your Mental Health

It could take just seconds to start feeling calmer, happier, and healthier. Here’s what to do to boost your mental health. Taking good care of yourself doesn’t stop at diet and exercise. Your overall wellbeing includes mental health, too, and there are things everyone can do for it on a daily basis. Here’s what you should add to your routine to boost mental health.

1. Wake up to your goals

How you start your morning “sets the tone” for the rest of the day, according to Patricia Harteneck, PhD, senior psychologist at the Seleni Institute. And one of the best ways to start the day on a positive note is by focusing on your goals and tasks for the day. By consciously setting goals, you’ll feel more of a drive to accomplish them, and when you cross each one off your list, you’ll feel successful and in control. Pump up your energy on a tired Monday with these tried-and-true energy boosters.

2. Commune with nature

happy woman on a nature hike

Outdoor breaks and fresh air are great, but you need to see some green, too. By being around grass and trees, such as during a short walk, gardening, or even a run, you’re helping “alleviate that intense attention strain that many of us experience because we’re basically at a seated job the whole day,” says Ada Pang, a psychotherapist at People Bloom Counseling.


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