10 Simple Habits To Make Your Life More Positive, Healthier And Happier

It’s easy to think of all of the good habits we wish we had: putting money away each month, getting up earlier, working out every day. As it turns out, setting good habits can be a powerful way to achieve our goals and help keep us focused and organized. Once a good habit is etched in our brain, we’ll be much closer to achieving our goals without even thinking about it. Here are 10 habits that will have a huge impact on your health, happiness, and success.

Improve Your Sleep

Another habit that can have real life-changing effects on your overall quality of life is making an effort to improve your sleep. While there are dozens of “hacks” to getting quality shut-eye, you don’t need to overcomplicate things to see results.

Here are a few tips to improve your sleep which will help improve your mood, energy, and focus.

  • Turn off electronics before bed.
  • Have a night time ritual you do consistently.
  • Remove your TV and Laptop from your bedroom.
  • Use a sleep mask.
  • Do some light stretching, meditation, or prayer.
  • Listen to some calming music during your evening routine.
  • Read a physical book or listen to an audiobook (preferably fiction.)

Start Your Day Right

A morning routine won’t change your life overnight, but making a conscious effort to start your day strong can have some amazing effects.

You don’t have to spend 2 hours on a super elaborate morning ritual to reap the benefits. In fact, just setting aside a few minutes each morning can help put you in the right state of mind to greet the day.

Not everyone has the luxury of spending an hour of uninterrupted time each morning. But everyone can set aside a few moments to start the day with intent.

Exercise 3x/week

You don’t have to go to the gym every day for two hours to see the benefits of exercise. The science says it all, those who exercise are happier and healthier than those who don’t.

Even just going for a 15-minute walk each day can help you be more creative, sleep better, and improve your focus. If you’re struggling to make exercise a habit, try setting your exercise clothes out the night before and put them by your bed so that when you wake up, it’s impossible to miss.


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