10 Things Every Photographer Needs to Learn About the Craft

Want to be a better photographer? Here are our recommendations on the things every photographer needs to learn to start mastering the craft!

When you first start trying to improve your photography, it can feel overwhelming. What should I learn first? Do I need to learn A before I learn B? What should I prioritize in learning? To help you focus your efforts (pun fully intended), here’s our list of 10 Things Every Photographer Needs to Learn to help you get started.

1. Composition

Before you jump into camera settings or worry about shooting in manual, you should learn good composition.

Why? Because good composition will help you improve your images almost immediately. Regardless of whether you’re using a DLSR, cell phone or point-and-shoot camera, your images will improve using tried and true composition techniques.

things every photographer needs to learn

The basic composition rules include the rule of thirds, framing, leading lines and filling the frame. Try learning and using these composition techniques and watch your work grow almost overnight!

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