10 Tips for Women on How to Keep Your Man Crazy About You

The only problem is, how do you project confidence when you’re not feeling it? It’s all about working on yourself and remembering how valuable you truly are. Do more of what you love, to increase your natural talents. Dress in a way that flows with your personality and makes you feel happy, regardless of what everyone else is wearing. Practice mindfulness with yoga, meditation and exercise, in order to decrease anxiety and promote a relaxed vibe.

The more time you spend investing in yourself, the more comfortable you’ll feel dating and showing the best you to the world.

3. Be Down To Earth

If you think being ‘down to earth’ is a cliche, you’re not wrong. It’s one of the most popular descriptions to write in dating profiles, as a globally attractive personality type. The thing is, people who really are down to earth don’t have to tell everyone about it. They naturally project an undeniable sense of security within themselves and that’s what we all love to be surrounded by.

How can you do the same? Make fun of yourself when you do something goofy, like fall over, ditz out in intelligent company or fart. Sincerely secure women don’t take their own mishaps seriously. They’d rather have a good laugh about them instead. Being relaxed about yourself and others lets guys know you’re happy with who you are and where you’re at in life, which is a quality no one can resist.

4. Embrace Spontaneity

Even if you’re someone who loves organization and routine, spontaneity adds a spark to your life that immediately attracts men and makes them crazy for you.  It doesn’t mean you have to be that girl who’s always off on madcap adventures. It means embracing a sense of fun, seeking challenges and consistently getting out of your comfort zone.

When a man meets a woman who’s spontaneous, he never quite knows what he’s in for, so he can’t wait for the next experience. What’s more, when you’re not around him, he knows you’re out taking life as it comes, accepting invitations, jumping at challenges and attracting other men because of it.

Boredom doesn’t have a chance to rear its ugly head, when your innate spontaneity keeps him on his toes and obsessing, in a good way.

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