10 Tips to Keep Your Car Engine in Perfect Working Condition

You get into the car, turn on the engine and start driving to wherever you want to go, but do you ever consider thinking about the well-being of your car’s engine? Most of us actually never spare time for it! The majority of us think of the engine only when it starts making noise or it didn’t start at all.The engine is the heart of your vehicle and it demands proper care. You should get your car engine checked at a regular time interval. In this post, we have listed 10 useful tips or experts’ recommendations that will help you look after your car engine properly avoiding any critical problem. Continue reading.

Replace The Engine Oil In Timely Manner:

replace oil

Oil works as a lubricant to your engine parts, so they can operate smoothly and they don’t overheat. Skipping on oil change can cause a major damage to your engine’s performance over time. Follow the manufacturer’s guideline on the recommended time intervals for engine oil changing. Typically, we should replace engine oil at every 5000 miles. In case, you are not able to spot your car’s manual, you may either browse the web or consult a local auto repair shop.

Regularly Check The Cooling Component:

check cooling components

This is next must-consider tip after the regular oil replacement. The radiator, water pump, thermostat and coolant work as the cooling system of your car. In order to prevent your engine from overheating, you need to ensure timely checks to all these components.

Top up your radiator’s fluid regularly so the radiator keeps blowing cold air around all engine parts. Similarly, all other parts forming the cooling system of your car demands proper maintenance.


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