11 Best Places To Travel For Epic Photos

Photography is an art-form that we all can relate with. After all, we’re all snapping on our phones, cameras and any other gadget that has a lens. This is exactly why I wanted to share some of the best places to travel for epic photos.

You see, when people say a photograph is a worth a 1,000 words, cliché as it sounds, it’s absolutely true.

Now, you can always look for ways to improve your photography skills, that can help. Also, by learning more about the exposure triangle, you know; ISO, shutter speed and aperture, you can really get to create some incredible pics.

Plus, you can use some of our totally free Lightroom presets to help you along the way.

Though it’s worth noting, you can find lots of photography inspiration to help you improve in taking epic photos but, you can’t control the destination. This is why it’s important to find some of the best places to travel for epic photos.

After all, you can’t magically make a desert appear in Iceland or a tropical beach in the centre of London. What you can do, however, is set yourself up for success!

By visiting some of these amazing locations, which quite frankly, do A lot of the work for you, too. Honestly, it’s pretty hard to take a bad photo in these places that are so gorgeous and totally incredible.

With that in mind, take a look at some of the best places to travel for epic photos. Oh, and seriously, don’t worry about your equipment either. Turn up with whatever you have and like using most.

Have a gorgeous time exploring some of these best places to travel for epic photos. Have fun!

1.) Iceland

Gotta start with an easy favourite; Iceland! It’s easily one of the best places to travel for epic photos and totally amazing to explore.

14 Best Restaurants in Iceland To Visit (14)

On top of that, you’ve got a heap of the best places in Iceland where you can really flex your skills in taking those pics. Just make sure to head out onto some of the epic hikes, see the cutest little towns and take a dip (with a waterproof camera) in the Blue Lagoon.

2.) Maldives

The Perfectly Lazy Day... In Kuramathi Island Maldives (44)

The island nation of the Maldives is totally unique and one of the best places to travel for epic photos. This is especially true if you want to focus on underwater photography, too.

ou see, the islands are stunning and there are so many incredible places to explore. Seriously, it’s such an explosion of colour here. Even the wildlife in the sea is colourful here.

3.) Greek Islands

Easily, the Greek islands are totally incredible and the best places to travel for epic photos. This is totally the case as the islands all have their different charm and looks, too.

You see, you’ve got the stunning islands like Kefalonia (which have the most amazing seas and caves), whilst you have other islands like Rhodes that has so much cultural history, too.


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