11 Great Tips To Keep In Mind When Planning Your Campervan Trip

For many people visiting New Zealand, Australia, North America or Europe for a good length of time, a campervan is the preferred way of getting around. You can save a lot of money on accommodation, and you have the exhilarating feeling of total freedom on the open road.

But if you’re new to campervan travel then it can be tough to begin with – the fun is balanced with responsibilities and limitations. Here are 11 tips to keep in mind when planning your own adventure.

1. Be Sure You Can Drive It

Your camper won’t do you much good if you can’t get it off the lot. A van can be more challenging to drive than a car if you aren’t used to the size and turning radius of a larger vehicle. Make sure you know how to drive the one you rent, and ask about manual versus automatic transmission before hitting checkout. If you haven’t driven a manual car in the past, this is not the time to learn.

2. Take Advantage of the Flexibility

Don’t forget about the van part of your campervan. Hopefully your new home is so comfortable, you forget you’re spending the night in an automobile. If you can’t quite get that fact out of your mind, remember the benefits of your choice. You’re transient, flexible, and free. If you want to visit someplace new in the morning, you can just pop into the driver’s seat and get a move on. You already have everything you need.

Keep an open mind while you’re driving and hiking. If you see something interesting, stop. If a campsite neighbor tells you about an amazing hike she took the day before, think about extending your stay and trying it out. Allow yourself to enjoy the freedom the van provides.


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