11-inch iPad Pro Magic Keyboard Review: Recommendation!

In its marketing material, Apple describes the the iPad Pro, which has a 0.3-inch bezel that wraps around its display as “all-screen.” I politely reject this claim. Its latest iPhone 11 models, which have a thin 0.1-inch black bezel, are much closer to the concept of an edgeless screen.

Personally, I prefer the iPad Pro’s bezel, as it’s much easier to use without activating the panel with my palm when I hold with one hand and tap with another. Over on my iPhone XS Max, I need to use a case with a lip that covers the edges of the screen, to avoid those actuations.

Weighing 1 pound and measuring 0.2 inches thick, the 11-inch iPad Pro is quite similar in size and shape to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (0.95 pounds, 0.2 inches). The 12.9-inch iPad Pro (my favorite piece of Apple hardware since the original Retina MacBook Pro) is a bit heavier at 1.4 pounds, but just as thin (0.2 inches).

Wired headphone fans will look at both the iPad Pro and the Galaxy Tab S6 with a sense of betrayal. Neither includes a headphone jack, so you’ll be relying on Bluetooth or USB-C headphones. The iPad Pro charges from its USB Type-C port (just like the Tab S6), and their one differentiator is that the iPad Pro doesn’t offer microSD memory expansion.

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