11 Surprising Ways Emotions Can Affect Your Body

So as not to let your anger win, step back for a moment, realize why you are angry, and talk to people about what’s on your mind. Find the solution to the problem, and let go of unhealthy thought patterns.

3. Depression

11 Surprising Ways Emotions Can Affect Your Body

Depression is a brain disorder that can lead to emotional anguish. This state increases your risk of a number of illnesses and makes your immune system weak. It also causes insomnia because of an inability to get comfortable or lots of troubled thoughts. Depression and exposure to stress lead to a risk of a heart attack. A depressed person can also have trouble with their memory or making decisions.

4. Fear

When we’re frightened, the blood literally drains from our face, making us pale. This happens thanks to the autonomic nervous system, the fight-or-flight control system. When we face a trigger, blood vessels pinch off the flow to our face and extremities, sending more blood to our muscles and body so we’ll be ready for either the flight or the fight.

5. Disgust

11 Surprising Ways Emotions Can Affect Your Body

Feeling disgust for something or, even worse, someone is one of the most difficult emotions for anybody to control. Unlike other emotions like fear and anger, which make your heartbeat speed up, disgust makes your heartbeat slow down a bit. You can also feel nausea or as if something is wrong with your stomach.

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