12 Best Smartwatch 2020: Guide to the Best Intelligent Timepieces

Finally, the design is almost perfect. The two size options are fit a majority of wrists, and they’re also incredibly comfortable. it’s the only device which has straddled the line between tech and fashion. It’s simply the best-looking smartwatch available.

Every generation has seen minor improvements that have gone a long way to perfect the Watch. The Series 2 added waterproofing and adding GPS, and the Series 3 improved on that by adding Cellular, so it can use data without your iPhone present, but again, remaining loyal to the original design.

The Series 4 improved the design, with a stunning new screen which stretches to the edges of the device.

The Series 5 has kept the excellent design of the Series 4, and added more customisation options (including a desirable titanium option) and an always-on display.

Put simply, the Apple Watch Series 5 impresses us greatly. The design is well-considered and sleeker, the screen, in terms of PPI and colour depth, is perfect, and the number of third-party apps and accessories is unrivalled.

That last point is important, because if you’re buying a personal device such as a watch, you actually want it to be unique.

It does have a few negative points, the UI is fiddly (although greatly improved with watchOS 6), especially compared to more simple rivals such as Android Wear. Of course, it’s iOS only, so if you have an Android Phone, you’re going to want to continue reading this guide…

The Apple Watch Series 5 sits at the top end when it comes to cost, with prices ranging from £399 to £1,399. That makes it slightly more exclusive.


The best smartwatch for Android users

+Light and comfortable+Great design+Intuitive UI
Limited app support

If you prefer Android phones to the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is a very worthy competitor. This is the best smartwatch if you’re an Android user, with a sleek design and powerful hardware.

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